The 10-day countdown begins

It’s only 10 days now until we leave the flat that has been our home for the last 6 years, and venture into the unknown. Tomorrow is our last day at work, and then we can really focus on our move and our bike journey. ||

Most people we speak to assume that we have already packed and are ready to go, but unfortunately we haven’t actually started yet. We have been away most weekends in the last couple of months spending time with friends and family, and have generally been busy closing down our life in London. It’s amazing how many companies need to be notified of our departure, and how long it takes to sort through our belongings to decide what to keep!

We have had 15 cardboard boxes delivered from our shipping company, as well as a lot of complicated Australian customs information. However, our flat is so small that we don’t actually have the space to start packing yet – first we need to get rid of most of our furniture. We have sold some and will probably give the rest away on our local Freecycle network next week when we don’t need it anymore.

Recently we have also spent a lot of time on leaving do’s with various combinations of friends, colleagues and family members. It means we have been busy eating cakes, having huge brunches and large dinners.

Unfortunately it also means we haven’t really done any training since Easter, except for some general fitness work at the gym. We’ll just have to take it slowly when we start our trip, and then we will get fit quickly anyway…

Our to do lists are getting longer instead of shorter, and so it looks like we will have a very busy 10 days ahead and no time to get emotional quite yet!

IMG_2826 IMG_2852