Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from sunny Mumbai! May peace, health and happiness be with you.

Today, we were invited by a local woman to attend Christmas carols in a cathedral in the south of Mumbai, but as most people in Mumbai are Hindus or Muslims, we don’t see too much Christmas activity in the streets. ||

As usual we will celebrate twice: first comes the German Christmas, which is celebrated on the 24th, and then the Australian Christmas on the 25th. Freddie’s family in Hamburg is enjoying a white Christmas with plenty of snow for the first time in many years, while Guy’s family is planning a hopefully warm and sunny Christmas lunch in Melbourne. Meanwhile, we will celebrate Indian style at our favourite local restaurant in Mumbai!

Next time you are umming and aahing about the cost of your Christmas decoration, think about the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi who dished out US $11 million to decorate the world’s most expensive tree (see photo)…

Merry Christmas


  1. Did you ask Santa for a couple more kayaks to make the Indian Ocean leg of your journey?