Iran: Filling in the Gaps

While we published some blog posts during our time in Iran, we also wrote quite a few posts that included material which the authorities may have taken offence to. After a couple of encounters with the secret police early in our trip, we decided not to post these blogs whilst in the country.

Over the last week or so we have backdated and published all the “missing” posts, listed below in chronological order.||

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures, from exploring desert cities and the ancient ruins of Persepolis, to sleeping in highway underpasses, encountering camels and surviving the extreme Iranian hospitality.

Iranian Blues
Maku – Marand

Suleyman The Terrible
Marand – Tabriz

Tabriz: an insight into Iranian lives

High on fumes
Tabriz – Zanjan

From Persian carpets to highway underpasses
Zanjan – Saveh

Express to Esfahan
Saveh – Esfahan

Yazd: A Silk Road City

Extreme Hospitality, Desert Camps and Ancient Cities
Esfahan – Shiraz

Downhill to the Persian Gulf
Shiraz – Bandar Abbas

Meanwhile, our photo galleries from Iran are also live. Iran North covers the section from the Turkish border to Esfahan, which has its own separate Esfahan gallery, and the Iran South gallery covers everything south of Esfahan, including Yazd. All photo galleries can be viewed here. A


  1. Catherine et Roger

    Hello cyclists!!!

    I liked your stories in this unknow country. I discovered Iran and it seem to be a nice place!
    I hope you will enjoy your time in Dubaï, Have a good rest!
    We finished our cycling in Vietnam at HCMV 3 days ago after 31 days of cycling from north to south (2760km). Now we enjoy (we have a cycling break too) and we will celebrate Christmas here with all my familly.
    We really liked to cycle here. At the beggining it seem quite a jungle but we quick realized that it's a organized jungle. We felt really safe to cycle here (much more then in Turkey). Here they are used to see cyclists on the road and we always have space for us on the side of the road.
    Take care,
    Catherine and Roger

  2. Hey guys,
    wow, you raced through Vietnam! Well done. As a strange coincidence, we actually spent Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City 7 years ago! This year we will be in Mumbai.
    Maybe see you in Oz…
    Freddie & Guy