Goodies from SOS Children

Our vests from SOS Children have arrived, along with some bike stickers (pictured) and a sponsorship guide. The orange vests will certainly help us draw attention to the charity, as well as to ourselves, as we’ll be more visible in the traffic! ||

The kids on the stickers are so gorgeous. Their smiles will remind us of the good work SOS Children does while we’re on the road.

We’ve also set up our charity page on Virgin Money Giving. This website allows people to sponsor us, and will process and pass donations on to charities.

We’re pretty excited about working with SOS Children, as they are helping so many orphaned and abandoned children, giving them a new home. The charity has been fantastic in supporting us with information and materials; they even sent us a handwritten letter wishing us luck!

Read more about our collaboration with SOS Children here.

SOS_Children_1 SOS_Children_2