9,000km Photo

“Stop, stop!” cried Ebrahim, rushing out of his restaurant to greet us as we were dragging ourselves through the midday heat on the boneshaking road to Madikeri.

“You must come in and try my chicken kebab, and how about a free health check-up!“ he continued.
Now there was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

As we pulled in to the restaurant we noticed there was quite a crowd. Ebrahim explained that a free monthly health clinic which had been funded by a local business man was taking place today. Many of the locals can’t afford healthcare and were queuing in a makeshift waiting room while a few doctors saw patients in a small area in front of the restaurant, dispensing medication as well as bars of soap to promote hygiene (a good idea we think!).

We had a nice lunch to celebrate our 9,000th cycling kilometre. After a chat to Ebrahim and some of the doctors and locals, we felt much recovered and gathered some of the crew around us for the photo.