10 Things We’ll Miss

With the end in sight we have been thinking about the things we’ll miss most when our 15 month cycle tour comes to an end. Here is our list:

1. The freedom and the adventure.

2. Connecting instantly with other like minded cycle tourers.

3. The ability to get “under the skin” of the countries we passed through and at times feeling like minor celebrities with all the attention our bikes commanded.

4. Wild camping in the Australian Outback – sitting around our camp fire at night and star gazing, and waking up in the morning to the sounds of kangaroos jumping around our tent.

5. Those first few moments of a shower after some hard days cycling and wild camping.

6. Having few possessions and responsibilities.

7. Regularly experiencing the kindness of strangers, whether it be a bed for the night, a warm cuppa or just the thumbs up as we cycle past.

8. Feeling fitter, stronger and healthier than ever before.

9. Big wide open spaces of places like the Australian Outback and Central Turkey

10. The immense feeling of satisfaction having made it to our destination after a hard day’s cycling. ||


  1. Congrats on all you two have accomplished! Thank you for writing–Tara and I have really enjoyed following along.

    Best of luck with your re-entry. Go easy on yourselves, the transition home can be as stark as the one leaving!

    Lots of love,

    Tyler & Tara

  2. We started this but realised that many of the things we had on the 'won't miss list' (like the 47C heat in Turkey) were defining moments of the trip and although difficult we were always left with an immense amount of satisfaction, and dare I say from the comfort of the indoors, something we would go through again.