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Kit Review: SIGG Water Bottle
Our Rating: 9/10
750ml SIGG water bottle with ABT drinking top and cap

Purchased April 2009

SIGG water bottle
The SIGG water bottle is Swiss design made from high quality Aluminium. They are light, hygienic and the interior coating is flexible and is unlikely to break or crack during deformations.
Fed up with drinking warm plastic water we moved onto the SIGG water bottles. The aluminium shell keeps the water cool and the inner shell allows the water to maintain a neutral taste. The drinking lids are easy to use and the flip cap keeps the drinking spout clean.
  • Hygienic
  • Keeps water cooler than regular plastic bottles
  • Water tastes neutral
  • Drinking cap keeps dirt away from drinking spout.
  • Opaque shell keeps sunlight from content
  • The drinking lid can be brittle so take care not to drop on hard surfaces.
Reviewed On
8th February 2011
Comment by Peter Wilson on Wednesday, March 30, 2011  9:53 AM  

I have used these bottles for years, on my hikes in the Scottish Highlands.


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