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Kit Review: Panaracer RiBMo Tyres
Our Rating: 7.5/10
Panaracer Ribmo PT folded tyre - 26 x 1.75 Inch.

Purchased July 2011

Panaracer RiBMo Tyre
The RiBMo is the new baby to Panaracer’s urban tire line. The RiBMo features bead to bead puncture resistance delivering 3x the puncture resistance of Aramid belted technologies.

The Ribmo PT are visually striking with the way the tread is slashed across the tyre which perhaps looking slightly out of place on a fully loaded tourer.
Panaracer put us in touch with Sports Imports (www.bikesportz.com.au) whom kindly gave us some treads to put to trial. We have been riding the Ribmo PT’s mainly for commuting for over 6 months and have experienced no punctures, a visual inspection shows the read still looking in good shape.

Though a foldable tyre they feel very stiff and proved challenging to fit the first time round, subsequent fits have been much easier. They feel as zippy as they look and the

They serve the commute well and possible on shorter tours on reasonable roads. We are not sure how they would stack up under full touring weight, certainly the high ridge reduced rolling resistance effect would be less noticeable.

  • Ultra zippy
  • Bead to bead puncture resistant
  • Excellent commuting tyre
  • Sleek look
  • Reduced stick on loose surfaces particularly when cornering.
  • Slightly heaver than the T-Serv’s at 550grams.
Reviewed On
13th July 2013

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