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Kit Review: Brooks B17 Saddle
Our Rating: 9/10
Brooks B17 saddle standard Honey/Black

Purchased August 2008

Panaracer Pasela Tour Guard Tyre
The Brooks B17 standard leather saddle is the flagship model in the Brooks range and one of the most popular touring saddles on the market. It come in two colours, honey and black and can be tightened by adjusting the screw at the bottom of the saddle.
The first thing you notice about a new Brooks B17 saddle is the firmness. It's hard as rock. Everyone seems to have different experiences during the "breaking in phase", some feel comfortable right away while others take months, some almost a year as was the case for Freddie. But after all your hard work the end result can be a beautfully customised saddle that feels comfortable even at the end of those really long days which is exactly why it is so loved by cycle tourers. In combination with padded shorts we have found this setup very comfortable and have not suffered much from saddle sores at all. 

It's not perfect though and some days especailly after it gets wet can result in a little sag so you can experience some aches and pains. Tightening the saddle can help in this regard but you have to be careful to not overdo it as you can ruin the leather.

You do have to care for it, especially protecting it from the rain and proofing it occassionally. After using plastic bags for months we purchased the proper Brooks rain saddle covers which fit nicely. 

It's fair to say you will either love it or hate it, but in our opinion it's worth trying as you may find the most comfortable saddle you have ever had.

  • Comfortable (once broken in)
  • Durable
  • Good quality 
  • Heavy compared to other lighweight saddles on the market
  • Requires love and care; proofiding, protection from the elements
Reviewed On
10th April 2011

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